Trolle Rudebeck Haar floats prefabricated sauna on Lake Geneva

 People diving off the deck of the sauna

Lausanne University of Art and Design graduate Trolle Rudebeck Haar has actually constructed a pre-fabricated drifting sauna, which provides views over the Alps , utilizing regional wood.

Löyly is a 2.2-square-metre drifting wood sauna and was Haar’s graduate Diploma Project at Lausanne University of Art and Design ( ÉCAL) in Switzerland.

 Löyly sauna is drifting on Lake Geneva The sauna was built utilizing Douglas fir.

” After residing in Finland for a while and experiencing the sauna culture there, I wished to construct my own sauna and check out the subject of micro-architecture,” Haar informed Dezeen.

The sauna was constructed to host approximately 3 individuals and includes a sloped roofing, a wood range, a bench, clear glass windows and an outside deck.

 Löyly has a sloped roofing with a wood outside The sloped, shed-like roofing of the sauna was built utilizing corrugated polycarbonate.

It was built utilizing Swiss Douglas fir, which Haar treated with teak oil in order to produce a neutral and unstained and practically unattended appearance.

” The sauna is built by Swiss Douglas fir and completed with teak oil,” the designer stated. “I selected Douglas fir due to the fact that of its sturdiness for outside usage and light-weight. It’s sourced from a neighboring sawmill organization.”

 Löyly sits on top of a drifting deck People can swim to the sauna to utilize it.

The sauna was constructed on top of a drifting pontoon deck that was fitted with hollow barrels to offer the structure buoyancy.

This buoyancy permits it to be put on lakes, ponds, ports and lagoons with low wave movement, or, like in these images, Lake Geneva.

 A metal ladder brings individuals to the deck Light wood was utilized throughout the outside of the sauna.

Harr intended to “make whatever steady with the best quantity of weight, not too light or too heavy for the barrels,” he stated.

” Its mobility likewise figured out the style with the premade aspects, and whatever can be taken apart and put together.”

Löyly can be reached by swimming to the drifting structure and accessed through a glass moving door, for which Haar took motivation from conventional Japanese moving doors called shōō ji.


” I was delighted about producing a sh and discoveringōō ji, Japanese moving door. The light-weight door can quickly move aside and obstruct wind and steam to head out from the sauna,” stated Haar.

 A log burner inhabits the corner of Löyly The sauna includes a bench, a log burner and sees out to the alps.

Ribbed clear glass was positioned within the highest walls of the structure to permit light to flood into the area while likewise supplying personal privacy to the interior.

Haar discussed that in the future the task might be become end up being a scalable structure.

 Ribbed glass is framed by wood Translucent glass provides personal privacy however likewise enables views out to the outside.

” The task has the prospective to be scalable, and I picture it can be utilized for pop-up occasions, celebrations, and city preparation,” stated Haar.

” I want the scale remains little, so the sauna session is still an intimate and cosy experience.”

 The glass supplies a light filled interior Haar included a Japanese-style moving door.

Other saunas consist of a drifting charred-timber sauna constructed by Small Architecture Workshop .

Australian art and architecture cumulative Studio Rain constructed and set up a premade, off-grid, short-lived sauna beside Melbourne’s Yarra River.

Photography is by Noé Cotter .

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