The AMD Ryzen 5 sticker label on the bottom left corner of the ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook.Image by Monica Chin/ The Edge

Windows 11 is formally out, however if you’’ ve got an AMD Ryzen processor, you may wish to hold back on upgrading for a bit: the business is reporting that its chips may have problems with the brand-new OS that might trigger efficiency drops of as much as 15 percent sometimes.

AMD and Microsoft have actually discovered 2 primary concerns with Windows 11 on Ryzen. The very first is that Windows 11 might trigger L3 cache latency to triple. AMD states that the concern might trigger 3–– 5 percent even worse efficiency in the majority of impacted applications, while some video games (AMD particularly calls out those ““ typically utilized for eSports””-RRB- might see efficiency dips of 10–– 15 percent.

Windows 11 is likewise having concerns with AMD’’ s “ chosen core ” innovation , which generally intends to move threads over to the …

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