Xbox app updated so PCs can stream games via cloud or console

Xbox Game Pass

Windows 10 PCs or above can now stream Xbox games directly from the console or via the cloud thanks to a new update. 

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According to an Xbox Wire post, this means that as of today (September 14) the Xbox app can support both “playing Xbox Game Pass games from the cloud” and “playing games directly from your console with Xbox remote play.”

Notably it means that PCs that don’t have the specs for certain games can still run them through the Xbox app if your internet is good enough. Up to this point Xbox Cloud Gaming has been in beta on phones, tablets and PCs via a browser link, but now it works directly in app.

XboxXbox Game Pass. Credit: Microsoft

The post says that all players will need is an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and a compatible controller. Once the Xbox app is open the “cloud gaming” button can be selected, where hundreds of games can be picked from to play via streaming.

Playing from your console to PC is a little different, but it does work with the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Xbox are calling it a “way to mirror your console gaming experience on another screen.”

Xbox Remote Play will allow games to stream at 1080p and up to 60fps, with select Xbox 360 and original Xbox games also available on PC via the service.

13 games are also coming to Xbox Game Pass over the rest of September, including Sable and Skatebird as day one titles. Other titles like Superliminal, Aragami 2 and Unsighted will also be coming to Game Pass. With Drake Hollow, Ikenfell, Night In The Woods, Kathy Rain and Warhammer Vermintide II all leaving the service on September 30.

In other news, a Twitter thread has highlighted quite a few of the accessibility issues with the newly raved about Deathloop.

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