Popular instant messaging application WhatsApp has added several new features to improve the user experience and add extra levels of safety. In 2020, it introduced dark mode, used advanced search mode, sent disappearing messages, join group calls and more. This year the company either upgraded the existing features, added new emoticons or introduced new features.

So, if you have missed catching up with the new features that the Meta backed company introduced, here is a quick recap.

Send and receive money

WhatsApp Payment, though introduced by the end of 2020, was made widely available for Android and iOS users this year. This feature let users send or receive money based on the Unified Payment Interface system. A cashback of Rs 51 was also introduced for payment of all amounts for specific beta users to attack more people in using the interface to make monetary transactions.

Make calls on the PC

With this feature, users of WhatsApp Web can attend or make one-to-one voice and video calls directly from their laptop without having to reach out for their phone. One just needs to install WhatsApp for windows or Mac on their PC and log in to their account to get started. It is also said to be end-to-end encrypted. The feature is not yet available for group calls.

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Send disappearing media files

One of the most interesting and much advertised features is View Once. It lets users send multimedia files for one time watch. With this feature the recipient can view the file only once. All you need to do is, tap on the new ‘1′ icon before sending the media file, and it will automatically disappear once it has been opened.

Multi-device support feature

WhatsApp finally rolled out the much awaited multi-device support feature that let one use the app from multiple devices, laptop, tablet, PC with the same account and at the same time using the account with the primary device not connected to the internet. This feature made using WhatsApp convenient for Business users.

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Mute videos before sharing

Users can now mute videos before sharing on WhatsApp. This cuts out the unnecessary background noise and the feature is there where you edit your videos. Just tap the sound icon and mute the video before sharing.

Message level reporting feature

Users can now flag a specific message to report an account. One can simply long press a specific message to either block or report a user in additions to flagging an entire account.

Flash Calls

Flash calls are an additional layer on top of the SMS verification during the registration process on WhatsApp. Users can verify their number via an automated call while setting up their WhatsApp account. The company states that this verification method is a safer option as it takes place within the app itself.

Joining group calls later

By integrating its joinable call feature, WhatsApp now lets users join a video call after it has started without making the call maker cut the phone and join the left-out member. The tab will be present on the group chat tab. A member no longer needs to call a member to join a chat, the member can join an ongoing call directly from the tab.

Transfer chats from iPhone to Android

If you are switching from iOS to Android, your WhatsApp chat history will stay intact. Provided you are using Samsung devices to begin with. WhatsApp added a new feature in which one can transfer chats including media files, voice notes from an iPhone to Android interface.

WhatsApp admin filtering group messages

WhatsApp group administrators will soon be able to delete specific messages for all group members as a way to filter misinformation and spam common in regular groups despite long debates and criticism on the same. WatsApp is currently beta testing the feature and will be rolled out soon for all users. This feature is an extension of the existing ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature that WhatsApp had introduced back in 2017.

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