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.Credit: Microsoft.

Microsoft revealed Windows 11 recently, producing a quite considerable modification compared to Windows 10. We’ve got a revamped UI, enhanced window designs, and enhanced Virtual Desktop assistance. The most significant addition has to be Android app assistance .

Yes, Windows now lets you natively download and run Android apps by means of a brand-new subsystem in the desktop os. Will individuals really utilize Android apps on Windows 11? That’s what we asked readers recently.

.Will you be utilizing Android apps on your Windows 11 PC?


Over 4,500 votes were cast after we published the survey in our statement post, and the outcomes reveal that simply under two-thirds of participants will absolutely utilize Android apps on Windows 11. More particularly, 36% state they’ll utilize Android apps on their desktop all the time and simply over 29% state they’ll utilize Android apps a few of the time.

It’s not unexpected however fascinating to see a lot of participants wishing to run Android apps on their PC. There are some services that work much better as apps (or aren’t formally offered on desktop), such as Clubhouse, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Roughly one in 5 surveyed users stated they’re on the wall about Android apps on Windows 11 and would wait to see how it works. This is reasonable too, as the last thing you ‘d desire is for Android apps to run improperly or for the setup procedure to be a discomfort.

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Finally, less than one in 10 participants state they aren’t thinking about running Android apps on their Windows 11 PC. We can see why some may not like this principle, as Microsoft is depending on the ho-hum Amazon AppStore for Android apps. That suggests a considerable portion of apps (consisting of lots of Google apps) will not be supported. It’s likewise worth explaining that numerous Windows users have actually generally depended on their web browser for significant services, rather than downloading devoted apps.

In any occasion, it’s clear that over 90% of surveyed readers are open to the concept of utilizing Android apps on Windows 11 at the minimum.

.Remarks. PhoenixWitti : With Microsoft essentially kicking butt nowadays, I question how well a Windows Phone would fare today. Albin : Microsoft currently has a big number (some rather excellent) of Android apps for a great deal of its significant software application, presently totally free however if the apps begin dealing with PCs that might alter. Panda : Hopefully the Instagram App is on the shop, that method i do not need to go on my phone to see disapearing messages everytime. NHS2008 : Now I have a factor to be thrilled for Windows 11! Mdknight : Nice to see it lastly revealed formally, however sort of downed by utilizing the Amazon App Store rather of the Google Play Store. I’m not truly thinking about being tempted back into Amazon’s digital community; simply shopping.

Thanks for ballot in our survey and for leaving remarks! Exist any particular Android apps you ‘d like to operate on Windows 11? Let us understand listed below.


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