Zoom is rolling out new features and enhancements to its platform, aiming to improve your video meeting experience further and let you better communicate and express yourself.

As a part of the update, Zoom is rolling out enhanced screen annotation for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Video Webinars, better management capabilities for Zoom Chat, and more.

Improved Annotations and Diverse New Emoji

Zoom will now allow you to highlight text or objects on the shared screen without manually having to erase highlighted annotations. You can use the Vanishing Pen to highlight text or objects, with the highlight disappearing after a couple of seconds. This will ensure that you can temporarily direct the attention of your viewers to a piece of text or object while in a virtual meeting or call.

The Vanishing Pen feature in Zoom is currently available on its Windows, macOS, and Linux clients.

Zoom is also making annotation easier on its mobile apps with the Whiteboard Auto-shapes feature. This will automatically straighten the lines and create perfect shapes for your annotations.

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Apart from annotation improvements, Zoom is adding new emojis so you can better express yourself in meetings. Additionally, you can also choose the skin tones for your emojis. Do remember that admins and account owners must enable the full emoji set on a video call in Zoom. Otherwise, you will be limited to six emojis on the call.

In its announcement, Zoom also highlights that Portal TV has added Zoom support. Facebook first announced Zoom support for Portal TV in the second week of April. The Amazon Echo Show 10 also gained support for Zoom Meetings at the beginning of this month.

Immersive View for Zoom on Windows and macOS

Zoom on Windows and macOS has gained support for immersive view. This will let you place video participants on a single virtual background. The meeting host also has the option of using their own custom background.

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For Zoom Phone customers, Zoom has added the ability to receive mass notifications using InformaCast so that you can stay informed about emergency events. This feature will allow organizations to send out emergency notices quickly for the safety of their employees.

The Zoom client update also fixes an issue where certain users were reporting crashes when switching audio devices. The bug that prevented one from ending a webinar has also been fixed.

Zoom has exploded in popularity during the pandemic, with millions of people and enterprises worldwide using it to hold virtual meetings and communication purposes. Serious security lapses found in Zoom initially, but since then, the company has worked on improving its security protections.

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