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What is Caret Browsing and How to Use It

You’re probably scrolling through this page with your touchpad, external mouse, stylus, or your fingers. But what if we told you there’s another interesting way to go through web pages on your browser? It’s called “Caret Browsing” and we’ll show you how to use the feature on popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, […]

How to Format Text in Discord: Font, Bold, Italicize, Strikethrough, and More

Do you utilize Discord day-to-day? You’ve most likely seen somebody usage bolded or colored text in a Discord server or in your DMs prior to. Whether you’re a total novice or have your own Discord server , you can discover easy commands to do standard text format like composing in strong or italics, in addition […]

How to Reopen a Closed Browser Tab in Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox

It is annoying to accidentally close tabs and lose web pages you were browsing if you forgot to bookmark them.  Thankfully, most, if not all browsers have features that allow you to reopen websites you viewed previously and restore the tabs you just closed by an errant mouse click. How to Reopen Closed Browser Tabs […]