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Windows 10 gaming PCs will get the NVMe SSD-enhancing DirectStorage API after all

Microsoft’s Windows 11 statement was laced with video gaming functions that were at first stated to be special to the brand-new os, however in an uncommon 180-degree turn, that no longer seems the case. DirectX designers have actually given that exposed that the DirectStorage API will, in truth, be concerning Windows 10 constructs more recent […]

Windows 11 doesn’t come pre-installed with Skype – is this the beginning of the end?

Even though Microsoft chose Skype to be pre-installed on any new copy of Windows 10 for your gaming PC, it’s been noticeably absent in the from the newly announced Windows 11. Instead, Microsoft Teams holds a proud spot on the start menu in published screenshots. Microsoft confirms that it will not include Skype – as […]

Microsoft will discontinue Internet Explorer after 25 years of service

When Microsoft’s new Edge browser launched back in 2015 alongside the release of Windows 10, it was only a matter of time until the company pulled the plug on Internet Explorer. In a blog post, Microsoft has announced that it will discontinue the last surviving supported version, IE11, after June 15 in 2022. Still, that […]