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Best VR Headset 2021: Strap On The Best Virtual Reality Headset

VR headsets have actually gotten actually excellent over the previous couple of years. They use a growing number of immersive methods to check out brand-new worlds, letting you move easily and get a genuine sense of scale in your video games. They'' re likewise the only method to experience some incredible brand-new video games, consisting […]

‘Aliens: Fireteam Elite’ is fine but not special. It *almost* gets there, though.

As a video game, Aliens: Fireteam Elite does absolutely nothing special, original, or, really, memorable. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good time, though. This debut effort from Cold Iron Studios is decidedly more for fans of Aliens than Alien, which is to say it leans on sci-fi action over sci-fi horror and your arsenal […]

Microsoft is having a sale on the Surface Pro X, but Amazon’s is better

Save $210.05: The Microsoft Surface Pro X (SQ1, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) is opting for $788.95 at Amazon since July 8 — — beating Microsoft’s own price by more than $11. A slick brand-new laptop computer may make you feel a little less apathetic about the entire “go back to workplace” thing that you keep […]