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This Is The Only Alpina B12 6.0 Painted In British Racing Green

The vehicle you’re looking at is an Alpina B12 6.0 and it might just be one of the coolest models ever produced by the German company. The B12 was introduced in 1988 and is based on the E32-generation BMW 7-Series. It was initially launched in 5.0 guise, fitted with a 5.0-liter naturally aspirated M70 V12 […]

Renault 4L Electric Concept Inspired By Chic Hotels Celebrates The Model’s 60th Anniversary

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Renault 4, of which more than 8 million were sold over 30 years, the automaker turned to French designer Mathieu Lehanneur to reinterpret the car. And what he delivered is a fully electric concept inspired by chic hotels. The Suite N°4 concept is based on the Renault 4L […]

1972 BMW 3.0 CSL Batmobile Is An Icon Of The Brand’s Racing Heritage

Few motorsport-derived automobiles from BMW are as preferable as the 3.0 CSL and an especially sensational example is heading to auction this weekend. The German cars and truck maker at first established the 3.0 CSL as a homologation unique for European touring vehicle competitors. Simply 1,265 systems were constructed however making this example especially unique […]

Tom Cruise Used To Own This 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa

A 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa previously owned by Tom Cruise is presently up for auction in Bloomington, Illinois. The Bring a Trailer noting exposes that Cruise bought the cars and truck brand-new in April 1986, the very same year that Top Gun was launched, and owned it till February 1987. After Cruise’’ s ownership, […]